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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Top Ten best foods during a football game on tv is..

  1. Wings
  2. Pizza
  3. Subs*
  4. Burgers*
  5. BBQ Ribs
  6. BBQ Chicken
  7. Steak
  8. Taco’s
  9. Burrito’s
  10. Loaded Nacho’s
*Denotes best foods for Channel Changers.

Please feel free to put some good places to score some of this stuff..in the comments.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Madden 2009: My View..

So late last night after a long day at the work place, I decided to load up my newly bought copy of Madden for the Xbox 360. First impression was "Where's the fancy cinematic intro?" .. No Intro!, I must say while very small it still kinda got to me. However after missing it for about 5 seconds I got over it and went on to the Virtual Trainer to weigh my Madden skills, I must say that it did so pretty accurately. I went into my first game with the difficulty on my skill level and fared pretty well, however I had tons to learn in both the passing game and running game. The controls are very responsive and the ability to string different jukes and spins together makes the run very efficient, just be careful not abuse the turbo like I do however cause then you won't go anywhere. This year's madden is very realistic when it comes to developing the run and getting through the holes. Now on to the passing game, the passing game was great and player attributes really came into play when passing to different recievers, for instace while playing with the 49ers I used Isaac Bruce as my possession reciever and he would catch some bullets in traffic which was a releif, however when trying the same thing with the other reciever on my team Arnaz Battle I was not so lucky. Additionally since I didnt update the roster when I was playing against the Jets, I got a first hand look at Chad Pennington's arm and he under threw one of his recievers on a streak and ended in a interception by me. So as you can see the realism just seeps through every facet of the game. I haven't played enough to comment on the other features but as it stands right now, I am very very happy madden gamer.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fantasy Football Running Backs, Starters and Backups

Fantasy Football is right around the corner and since I have a draft coming up this Saturday, I figured I would compile a list of Running Backs and who there backups are. This can help when needing depth.

Running Backs
Starters and Backups

Buffalo Bills (Bye Week 6)
  • 23 Marshawn Lynch
  • 22 Fred Jackson
Miami Dolphins (Bye Week 4)
  • 23 Ronnie Brown
  • 34 Ricky Williams
New England Patriots (Bye Week 4)
  • 39 Laurence Maroney
  • 34 Sammy Morris
  • 33 Kevin Faulk
  • 32 LaMont Jordan
New York Jets (Bye Week 5)
  • 20 Thomas Jones
  • 29 Leon Washington
  • 22 Jesse Chatman
Baltimore Ravens (Bye Week 10)
  • 23 Willis McGahee
  • 30 P.J. Daniels
Cincinnati Bengals (Bye Week 8)
  • 32 Rudi Johnson
  • 33 Kenny Watson
Cleveland Browns (Bye Week 5)
  • 31 Jamal Lewis
  • 29 Jason Wright
Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye Week 6)
  • 39 W. Parker
  • 34 R. Mendenhall
Houston Texans (Bye Week 8)
  • 30 Ahman Green
  • 22 Chris Brown
Indianapolis Colts (Bye Week 4)
  • 29 Joseph Addai
  • 38 Dominic Rhodes
Jacksonville Jaguars (Bye Week 7)
  • 28 Fred Taylor
  • 32 Maurice Jones-Drew
Tennesee Titans (Bye Week 6)
  • 25 LenDale White
  • 42 Chris Henry
Denver Broncos (Bye Week 8)
  • 35 Selvin Young
  • 23 Andre Hall
Kansas City Cheifs (Bye Week 6)
  • 27 Larry Johnson
  • 26 Jackie Battle
Oakland Raiders (Bye Week 5)
  • 25 Justin Fargas
  • 20 Darren McFadden
San Diego Chargers (Bye Week 9)
  • 21 LaDanian Tomlinson
  • 43 Darren Sproles
Dallas Cowboys (Bye Week 10)
  • 24 Marion Barber
  • 28 Felix Jones
New York Giants (Bye Week 4)
  • 27 B. Jacobs
  • 34 D. Ward
Philadelphia Eagles (Bye Week 7)
  • 36 Brian Westbrook
  • 28 Corell Buckhalter
Washington Redskins (Bye Week 10)
  • 26 Clinton Portis
  • 46 Ladell Betts
Chicago Bears (Bye Week 8)
  • 22 Matt Forte
  • 29 Adrian Peterson
Detriot Lions (Bye Week 4)
  • 28 Tatum Bell
  • 34 Kevin Smith
Green bay Packers (Bye Week 8)
  • 25 Ryan Grant
  • 32 Brandon Jackson
Minnesota Vikings (Bye Week 8)
  • 28 Adrian Peterson
  • 29 Chester Taylor
Atlanta Falcons (Bye Week 7)
  • 33 M. Turner
  • 32 J. Norwood
Carolina Panthers (Bye Week 9)
  • 34 D. Williams
  • 28 J. Stewart
New Orleans Saints (Bye Week 9)
  • 25 Reggie Bush
  • 26 Deuce McAllister
Tampa Bay Bucaneers (Bye Week 10)
  • 34 Earnest Graham
  • 28 Warrick Dunn
Arizona Cardinals (Bye Week 7)
  • 32 Edgerrin James
  • 28 J.J. Arrington
St. Louis Rams (Bye Week 5)
  • 39 Steven Jackson
  • 30 Antonio Pittman
San Francisco 49ers (Bye Week 9)
  • 21 Frank Gore
  • 29 DeShaun Foster
Seattle Seahawks (Bye Week 4)
  • 20 Maurice Morris
  • 22 Julius Jones

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Sports Flow: Fantasy Football Rankings: Running Backs

The Sports Flow: Fantasy Football Rankings: Running Backs

Madden 2009 Curse?

Brett Farve, went from a respected honorable guy who was beloved by Millions, to the story we all want to forget. Can't help to think how much of this was due to the mysterious curse that lurks around Madden 09. Once the season begins it will be interesting to see if Farve's curse lingers on. However beware of Farve in any Fantasy league.

Fantasy Football Blurps

As my Fantasy Football draft comes nears, My immediate thoughts for now..
Starting with the Negative and moving to the positive.


  • Steven Jackson, Stay away he is in a heated contract dispute with STL. Once he get his money I am sure he'll play like crap.
  • Brandon Marshall, 3 Game suspension however will be a good pick in late rounds.
  • Brett Farve, Who knows where he will end up? Possibly a Buc?
  • Plexico Burress, His Ankle is still bothering him, and while that didnt stop him last year, he isn't worth a top draft pick.
  • Jon Stewart (CAR) Work Horse.
  • Frank Gore (SF) Ready to Work.
  • Thomas Jones (NYJ) With the money they spent on the line, he better be good.